The increasing risk of cyberattacks on systems poses a significant threat to organizations and individuals worldwide.

Identifying threats as soon as possible during the engineering process is hence a stake for all of us. To do so, a close collaboration between systems and cybersecurity engineering teams is required.

Discover Darc, a new Capella add-on that enables systems engineers to address cybersecurity concerns while defining system architectures:
• Identify assets and trust boundaries.
• Identify threats
• Characterize security needs.
Capella MBSE Tool
Open-Sourced solution for MBSE
Eclipse Capella™ is a comprehensive, extensible and field-proven MBSE tool and method to successfully design systems architecture
Laurent Delaigue
Sophie Plazanet
MBSE Specialist at Thales Corporate Engineering
Sophie Plazanet has been working in System Engineering for several years, especially during the past 5 years in Thales. Passionate by MBSE, she joined in 2021 Thales Corporate Engineering where she is MBSE Coach, supporting the Thales’ engineering teams to adopt MBSE practices. She holds a Master of Engineering & Master of Research in Advanced Systems & Robotics (from Arts & Métiers ParisTech Engineering School).
Juan Navas
MBSE Expert at Thales Corporate Engineering
Juan Navas is MBSE Expert in Thales Corporate Engineering. He leads the team that accompanies managers and architects implement MBSE practices on operational projects to improve their engineering performance. He is a System Architect with +10 years’ experience, he holds a PhD in Computer Science, an MSc in control and computer science, and Electronics and Electrical Engineering Degrees.
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