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Autonomous piloting systems for aircraft of today and tomorrow

About This Webinar

Flying cars can be seen in science-fiction movies. That this is not the future anymore though but is here and possible today, becomes obvious seeing all the (around 100) EVTOL (electrical vertical take-off and landing) projects that are funded.
To make flying operations autonomous for safety and efficiency reasons is what Daedaean is working on building a OS for the sky.
How AI is used in this autonomous control tasks will be presented and then discussed.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Ralf Haller
EVP Sales & Marketing at NNAISENSE
With over 28 years of managerial experience in product, IT, business development, and marketing, Ralf is responsible for bringing many of the world’s leading big data, AI, and machine learning startups to international conferences in Europe. Having worked for five years as a product manager in Silicon Valley, he directly contributed to the building of the world’s first gigabit and terabit routers. Before that, he spent four years in China during the years in which the country opened up to foreign investment from the West. Ralf holds an MA in electrical engineering and radio frequency technology from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany and a degree in data engineering from the UCSC.
Webinar hosting presenter
Founder & CEO Daedalean AG
CEO & Founder of Daedalean, a Zürich-based startup developing flight control software for autonomous flight, with the eventual goal to create an AI pilot that will measurably outperform human pilots in all their functions. Currently, Daedalean is working with regulators, leading aerospace manufacturers, and major eVTOL companies to test and certify the first Machine Learning based sensor systems for guidance, navigation, and flight control.
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