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Locked on Leadership: The Secret to Self-Directed Teams

About This Webinar

You dread looking for your next hire. You do your best to interview and select the best candidate for the position. Then you hope the person who showed up at the interview is the same one that shows up at work, only to be disappointed once again. You’re dealing with a complex employment market and you can’t seem to attract the talent you need or hold on to the talent you have, limiting your ability to grow and thrive. The good news is that it’s not you or them. It is the framework in which you and your team perform. The better news is that with the right tools, laser focus, and the proper rules of engagement your team will transform into a high-performance, self-directed team everyone wants to be part of!

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Dave Rosenberg is a combat decorated veteran who flew the Navy’s first mission of Operation Desert Shield by accident. Over the 25-years since leaving the Navy, Dave owned and ran multiple companies before starting Locked On Leadership, a consulting firm specializing in developing self-directed, high-performance teams.
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