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From CAD to decision metrics and optimal design in real-time!

About This Webinar

The Automotive Industry faces unprecedented challenges. Major technological transformations need to happen under time and cost constraints, which pressures the whole sector.

To support this revolution, and obtain outstanding engineering performances in reduced time, CAE tends to become a guide to design rather than a mere final validation tool. Why are CAE and optimization still not in the hands of each engineer in automotive corporations? The main reasons are slow reaction time, price and required skills.

Fortunately, recent advances in Deep-Learning are coming to help. Such tools are unlocking the possibilities of CAE, already today making high-fidelity simulations accessible to a vast audience of engineers within some top organizations.

Neural Concept Shape (NCS) is a software platform that lets engineering teams, and companies, implement new real-time CAD/CAE workflows efficiently, by exploiting the different levels of skills between simulation, methods and design teams.

Applications of NCS in the Automotive industry cover many aspects of vehicle / component development. In this webinar, we will see several use cases, for example:

- How NCS can be used to provide designers with the capability to assess in real-time the external aerodynamics of a new design directly from CAD.

- How NCS made it possible to improve the efficiency of heat exchangers by 1.5%, in an unprecedentedly short time via a revolutionary design optimization functionality.

This free webinar is ideal for decision makers in engineering in automotive companies, product managers, CAD engineers who need CAE results, and of course CAE engineers.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, the 24th February at 3:00pm (CET) for 30 minutes. Don't miss out and register now for free.

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Senior Technology Evangelist at Neural Concept SA
Anthony graduated in Physics from the University of Turin (Italy). Before joining Neural Concept, he has been 30 years in Computer-Aided Engineering in several roles: he started as a senior researcher for an automotive OEM and covered various engineering/management positions for Tier 1 Auto suppliers and simulation software vendors. Anthony embraced Neural Concept with the mission of helping the industry speed up design cycles and solve the next engineering challenges thanks to the power of Deep Learning.
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Neural Concept Ltd webinar platform hosts From CAD to decision metrics and optimal design in real-time!
Neural Concept creates AI Deep Learning algorithms for industrial engineering. By speeding up R&D cycles, augmenting product performance, and solving their next engineering challenges, we revolutionize how our customers design their products. The company was founded in 2018 in a top-notch AI research lab in Switzerland. We are a team of 30+ members fully committed to our vision, which is to revolutionize the future of industrial engineering with intelligence.
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