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Graph Data Science with Neo4j Graph Algorithms

About This Webinar

Graph algorithms provide one of the most potent approaches to analysing connected data. They describe steps to be taken to process a graph to discover its general or specific quantities. In this talk we will introduce you to the Neo4j Graph Algorithms library, giving a brief overview of the different types of algorithms available, and where you might use them. We will also show you how to get set up with the Graph Algorithms library, as well as introducing you to NEuler, the Cypher-free graph algorithms playground.

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Lju is a Developer Advocate in the Developer Relations Team at Neo4j. She enjoys educating folks with talks, articles and screencasts.
Before that she was a member of Neo4j’s EMEA field team, and an Enterprise Information/Data Architect in a previous life. She is a data geek who is keen to show the world the power of connected data.
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