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Tue, Oct 20, 2020 · 3:45 PM · 1 hour

Doom, Kafka, and Neo4j - Building a (Near) Real-time Telemetry Graph

Tue, Oct 20, 2020 · 3:45 PM · EDT
About This Webinar

Video games like Doom, in addition to being nostalgic fun, let us experiment with ways to tackle real world challenges faced by developers trying to harness the power of connected data including common challenges encountered by developers of IoT systems.

Using a Doom fork designed to emit telemetry as the user plays, we'll explore three methods of wrangling telemetry streams into a graph:
- a simple Java Reactor-Netty UDP stream processor,
- a more robust Kafka approach,
- and a cloud-native approach in Google Cloud Platform.

All code will be provided, so you'll be able to build, run, and experiment with your own graph building while replaying the classic 90's hit PC game.

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