This webinar will look at the benefits of structured and unstructured play and how to provide both at home in a time of stress and uncertainty.
  • How do structured and unstructured play differ? What is the parent’s role? What is the child’s role?
  • What should days at home look like?
  • What does academic and social learning look like at my child’s age and stage?
Parenting Coach
My name is Julie Binmore and I’m a parenting coach who focuses on bringing intention, empathy and joy to parenting! As a teacher with more than 20 years of experience, I have always felt it was a special privilege and delight to work with children. Along the way, I discovered that supporting parents, as they do the selfless work of raising their kids, to be equally energizing and hopeful work. I am excited to spend this time with you and promise to leave you feeling optimistic and empowered about how you can use this extra time with your kids in a meaningful and joyful way!