Positive Psychology Professor and Researcher John Zelenski shares his fascinating research on positive psychology and how we can apply it to our daily lives during this pandemic.

Topics will include:
• Resilience in hard times
• Wellbeing and how we can work to improve or maintain it
• John’s research into how nature can affect our happiness
• And more!
Professor of Psychology, Carleton University
John Zelenski is a Professor of Psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. As a researcher and director of the Carleton University Happiness Laboratory, he studies individual differences in happiness, and how personality manifests itself ‘in the moment’ as emotional, behavioural, and cognitive processes. John’s recent work has focused on two areas: the causes and consequences of social behaviour (e.g., in relation to the personality trait of introversion-extraversion), and the links among nature, people’s sense of connection to nature (nature relatedness), happiness, and environmentally sustainable behaviour. John also teaches on a range of Personality, Social and Positive Psychology courses at Carleton.