During this session, we’ll explore the Positive Discipline approach including how to strike the right balance between being kind and firm, the importance of connection, and the focus on learning rather than punishment. You’ll learn about strategies in a fun and engaging way.
  • How can the language I use foster independence, responsibility and confidence in my kids?
  • How can I reframe behaviour that I observe from my kid and introduce opportunities for learning at home?
Parenting Coach
My name is Julie Binmore and I’m a parenting coach who focuses on bringing intention, empathy and joy to parenting! As a teacher with more than 20 years of experience, I have always felt it was a special privilege and delight to work with children. Along the way, I discovered that supporting parents, as they do the selfless work of raising their kids, to be equally energizing and hopeful work. I am excited to spend this time with you and promise to leave you feeling optimistic and empowered about how you can use this extra time with your kids in a meaningful and joyful way!