This webinar will explore generosity in the face of the fear of scarcity, and why we need to encourage learners to care for themselves, others and the world with generous hearts and how this approach can change the world! We will reflect on how we can extend care and kindness towards ourselves and others. We will discuss planning and action steps around how to create opportunities to live generously, giving of our time, talents and resources within the classroom and beyond.
  • Introduction to generosity
  • Reflecting on extending care and kindness towards ourselves and others
  • Planning and action steps for creating opportunities to live generously
Middle School Guidance Counsellor
Laura D’Angelo is a Middle School guidance counsellor at an independent school in Toronto. As part of her role, she delivers engaging lessons around cultivating wellbeing within the classroom. Prior to this, she worked as an elementary classroom teacher for 10 years. Laura graduated with a Master of Education degree from OISE’s Applied Psychology and Human Development department with a focus on girls’ education and the development of the self. Laura is passionate about inspiring students to live reflectively and creatively by following their passions and their respective paths. Laura has recently published a book entitled A Month of Mindful Moments: A guidebook and journal for girls, filled with strategies and ideas that can be incorporated into a classroom context, as well as used independently by children aged 8-13, in small groups or at home.