About This Webinar
Welcome to Edwin! This is Part 1 of a two-part webinar experience. This session will introduce you to the basic functionality of Edwin. By the end of both sessions, you will know how to find, organize, and share content using Edwin. You will learn where to go for further training, technical support, and connect with other Edwin educators.
Claire Varley
M. Ed, OCT, Director, Edwin Classroom Success (Ed-Tech Training) at Nelson
Claire graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the Humanities, which she followed up with post-graduate work in Education. Claire spent many years in the classroom at both the primary and junior level with most of her time spent at the Grade 3 and 6 levels. In the classroom, she concentrated her professional learning around effectively teaching both literacy and numeracy. Claire recently attained her Google Teacher Level I Certification.
Jessica O'Donnell
B. Ed.
Jessica has gained a wealth of classroom experience through teaching in both Canada and Australia. Jessica is passionate about incorporating technology and inquiry into all lessons and understands the powerful effect student engagement has on deep learning. Most recently, Jessica brought her insights and experiences to the Professional Learning team at Nelson to develop and support virtual PL experiences for K-12 educators and administrators. Jessica will begin pursuing her Master's in Education this Fall, with a specialization in Technology, Innovation, and Education.