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Teaching & Learning about the Stolen Generations with the Healing Foundation

About This Webinar

The Healing Foundation’s Stolen Generations Resource Kit for Teachers and Students, aligned to version 9 of the Australian curriculum, has been created to educate young people about the Stolen Generations. It makes it easy for school communities to start the conversation and inform classroom discussions using facts, real examples and stories gifted to use by survivors in the hope of embedding Australia's Stolen Generations history within our institutions. You can find the Kit freely available through Narragunnawali and The Healing Foundation's website now!

Join us as we walk through the features of the Stolen Generations Resource Kit and get some ideas about how to introduce Stolen Generations history into your classroom. With lesson plans and resources for foundation through to year 12 as well as plug-n-play PowerPoints, educator's guide to using the Kit, booklist, fun student certificates, and a guide for preparing your classroom, we've developed all the tools you would need to feel confident bringing this knowledge into your classroom.

Keep an eye out on the Narragunnawali (https://www.narragunnawali.org.au/curriculum-resources) and Healing Foundation (https://healingfoundation.org.au/schools/) websites as we add to our alignments with version 9 of the curriculum to extend beyond the current subject areas.

The kit will continue to grow and expand, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please reach out to us at resources@healingfoundation.org.au

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