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Reconciliation in Education: Talking the Walk

About This Webinar

Reconciliation in Education: Talking the Walk – the second webinar in the three-part Reconciliation in Education webinar series, explores the importance of using respectful and inclusive language and terminology as a key part of engaging in reconciliation. Participants will be introduced to some terminology guidelines, as well as some guiding principles for how to respectfully be part of community-level conversations about First Languages. Participants will learn how to carefully evaluate resources as part of curriculum planning to ensure that the resources being used are meaningful and appropriate, and how to actively embed the language of reconciliation across all subject/learning areas.

Please consider engaging with the Reconciliation in Education: Talking the Walk Professional Learning Resource (https://www.narragunnawali.org.au/professional-learning/114/reconciliation-in-education-part-2-talking-the-walk) before you view the webinar.

Who can view: Everyone
Webinar Price: Free
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Reconciliation in Education
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