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Preparing and Evaluating Culturally Responsive Language Resources/Activities

About This Webinar

Building on the First Languages, Education and Reconciliation webinar, this webinar represents the second in a series to commemorate the 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages (and the prospective 2022‑2032 International Decade of Indigenous Languages). Guest webinar co-host, Gunai author, poet and educator, Kirli Saunders, joins Narragunnawali’s Stephanie Woerde to discuss key questions and considerations pertaining to the preparation and evaluation of culturally responsive First Languages resources/activities. The webinar is designed to support participants in their relationship-building and curriculum planning processes, and draws on practical illustrations and insights from Kirli’s work with Red Room Poetry’s Poetry In First Languages initiative, as well as with Stephanie’s work in supporting Language Nest-style initiatives in schools and early learning services.

To support you in engaging with the webinar content, links to some suggested pre- or post- readings and references are listed below:

* First Languages, Education and Reconciliation on-demand webinar: https://www.bigmarker.com/narragunnawali/First-Languages-Education-and-Reconciliation

* Red Room Poetry - Poetry in First Languages project:

* Narragunnawali - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages RAP Action page:

* Narragunnawali - Languages Resource Guide:

* Narragunnawali - Evaluating Resources Guide: www.narragunnawali.org.au/storage/media/professional-learning/Evaluating%20Resources%20Guide-fe1ee76600.pdf

* Narragunnawali - Curriculum Planning RAP Action page: www.narragunnawali.org.au/rap/actions/18/curriculum-planning

* Narragunnawali - Build Relationships with Community RAP Action page:

* Woerde, S (2017) The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to Inspire Best Practice in the Design/Implementation of Language Nest Style Programs in Australia report:

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