Workplace Words That Work

Workplace stressors like mind-numbing projects, stale coffee, unresponsive colleagues and hair-on-fire deadlines are inevitable; suffering is optional.

This webinar teaches you magic words you can use to ease the stress of uncomfortable conversations without guilt, leave your career intact and shape your reputation as a strong communicator.

You’ll walk away from Workplace Words that Work with:

• The TFA Connection which most success-oriented women overlook in their day-to-day interactions that adds emotional stress, kills productivity and stagnates their career growth (and how to make sure you’re not one of them)
• The ABC Rule to use in every interaction to make people like, trust and respect you even if they don’t agree with you
• 7 strategies you need to know to succeed at work while still managing to turn work off at the end of the day so you can be a rock star in your life
• The skills to face confrontation head-on without being the wicked witch while leaving the other party feeling heard and valued

The majority of your waking hours is invested into your career. By the end of Workplace Words That Work you’ll be on your way to making those hours feel as refreshing as a margarita on a hot day.

Details About the Webinar

Wednesday, Mar 7, 2018
1:00 - 2:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Cost: Free

About the Speaker

Natasha_lindor Natasha Lindor The daughter of parents who immigrated to the United States from Haiti for a better life, Natasha Lindor grew up believing a top-notch education and a relentless work ethic unlocked the door to success. After checking all the boxes, including degrees from two high-ranking universities and a 15-year climb up the ladder of soul-sucking success, Natasha hired a coach for a work-life balance upgrade and traded in her corporate heels to help others invite more purpose, passion and possibility into life and work.

Whether as a coach, workshop facilitator, retreat leader, speaker, blogger, podcast host or media personality, Natasha Lindor is a force of positivity, stability and forward motion. Today Natasha is the go-to career and lifestyle success coach for uncompromising professionals who want to be more than a job title. She teaches women how to succeed with soul so they can lead, love and live on their terms. You can start right now:


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