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Career Blind Spots You Never Knew Existed

December 13, 2017 at 12:00:00 PM · Central Time (US & Canada)
By NAA Career Webinar Series (4.1 stars · 9 reviews )
About This Webinar

Are you being overlooked for promotions or projects? Or, are you looking to maintain your competitive advantage in your career? If so, identifying your blind spots (or ick) and how they are impacting your growth can help you achieve your goals with more ease and grace. Join Dr. Jinnie Cristerna as she guides you through the five types of career ick, how to identify at least one ick, and how to go from ick to top pick!

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The High Achiever's Therapist
Dr. Jinnie Cristerna, LCSW, CHt., Rh.D. is the founder of International High Achievers and works with high achieving professionals, their families, and corporations to help them plow through mental blocks and regulate emotional disruptions within...
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Cassie P
Are you defensive when given feedback?
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  • Yes
    1 votes - 2.44%
  • No
    10 votes - 24.39%
  • Only when it's unsolicited
    2 votes - 4.88%
  • Depends on my mood/circumstances/person giving feedback
    28 votes - 68.29%
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What is the hardest for you to hear or take responsibility for?
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  • Mistakes
    10 votes - 21.28%
  • Insecurity (low confidence)
    18 votes - 38.30%
  • Judgmental (negativity)
    14 votes - 29.79%
  • Something else
    5 votes - 10.64%
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What is the hardest for you to identify on your own?
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  • Thoughts
    5 votes - 11.36%
  • Feelings
    11 votes - 25.00%
  • Behaviors
    20 votes - 45.45%
  • Something else
    8 votes - 18.18%
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Do you feel or believe that you are missing out on opportunities in your career but unable to identify a concrete reason?
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  • Yes
    32 votes - 58.18%
  • No
    4 votes - 7.27%
  • I'm unsure
    19 votes - 34.55%