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Securing Connected & IoT Devices

About This Webinar

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing our lives at a rapid pace with devices becoming increasingly smarter and more interconnected as the world embraces greater automation and convenience. However, without appropriate security, these smart connected devices will be vulnerable to malware and other digital attacks demonstrated by the many incidents of serious security breaches already seen to date.

In order to mitigate such security risks, designers and implementers of IoT projects as well as suppliers of smart devices must consider designing in security at the outset.

In this session, Device Authority and MULTOS will reveal how a Secure by Design approach that centres on root key provisioning and insertion for initial device trust, and on device provisioning and secure data management, can enable the foundations for a secure, scalable IoT implementation and future proof device lifecycle management.

  • Introduction & IoT Market Overview
  • IoT Device Security Requirements & Introduction to MULTOS
  • Introducing Trust Core Development Kit
  • Security Lifecycle Management for IoT
  • Q&A
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Chief Strategy Officer - Device Authority
Rao is a technology innovator, entrepreneur and seasoned executive in Silicon Valley. He founded and led venture-backed IT infrastructure start-ups that delivered award-winning products over the last two decades in Networking, Security and Analytics. He holds five patents in Trusted Computing, Containers and Networking. Rao has also advised, invested in, and served on the boards of several technology start-ups in the areas of Security, IoT and Next-generation application infrastructure.

More recently his focus is on IoT Security and the evolving IoT IAM strategy, including edge computing and fog computing. At Device Authority Rao focuses on the product strategy and strategic partnerships and alliances, many of which are Silicon Valley based.
Webinar hosting presenter
Commercial Manager - MULTOS
Paul promotes, supports and manages the Global Strategy development for the Open, Secure, Advanced, Proven, Flexible and Capable, MULTOS Technology, which is in use today around the world within the Embedded, Connected, and IoT Devices, Financial Payments and Government sectors. He supports the collaborative MULTOS Consortium members, events, promotion, and specification governance to ensure that value continues to be derived and maintained for MULTOS Technology users and stakeholders. Paul performs a cross industries Business Development role to support the further expansion of the already successful MULTOS Technology within new and developing markets.
Webinar hosting presenter
Technical Manager - MULTOS
Since 2012, Chris has been the Technical Manager of the MULTOS Consortium. He has over 30 years experience in software engineering, nearly 20 of which have been working with secure element technology. Today he has a multi-faceted role supporting, promoting and innovating with MULTOS in its traditional card and emerging embedded security (IoT) markets. Recent work has included the development of a proof of concept integration of MULTOS with Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform and development of a plug-in MULTOS hardware security module for use with single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi.
Webinar hosting presenter MULTOS
Marketing & Communications Manager
Natsuko is responsible for delivering end to end communications and marketing activities for MULTOS – the established, proven security technology for connected digital devices. Experienced in cross marketing disciplines and understanding of cross cultural diversity, she supports the global promotion of MULTOS across many industries including Banking and Payments, Government programs, Embedded, Connected and IoT devices. She also supports the promotion of the MULTOS Consortium – an open, collaborative association responsible for the advancement and expansion of MULTOS – ensuring widespread success for all users and stakeholders of the Technology.
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MULTOS webinar platform hosts Securing Connected & IoT Devices
MULTOS is a proven security technology for digital devices, providing high security and flexibility. As a secure micro controller or a crypto co-processor, MULTOS protects smart cards for payments and identity, wearables and other connected devices.

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