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Alan Johnstone Recording

Fri, Oct 8, 2021 · 2:00 PM · London
About This Webinar

Brought to you by Volac International Ltd, this webinar joins specialists and industry experts discussing the latest research and science which underpins how whey protein ingredients can have high protein and small format applications.

Dr Elisa Glover, Nutrition Specialist, will join Alan Johnstone, Business Development Manager, both from Volac International Ltd, will explore dairy/whey protein applications.

In this webinar you will:

- Learn about new scientifically-backed evidence around whey protein ingredients.
- Gain insight from trend and nutritional experts
- Discover new nutritional advice and guidance


- Innovation through small format, high protein applications
Alan Johnstone, Business Development Manager at Volac International, explores the unique offering of high protein, small format applications such as indulgent dessert pots or squeezable pouches; and how manufacturers and brands alike can harness these opportunities to create great tasting, high protein solutions that appeal to active and performance consumers.

- The efficiency of whey protein to support muscle recovery and adaption
The Nutrition portion of the webinar will examine the aspects of whey that make it an effective protein source to support muscle recovery and adaption. It has a balanced essential amino acid profile, it is well digested, and rapidly absorbed. It is naturally high in the amino acid leucine, which activates muscle protein synthesis. This combination of qualities is not easily found in other naturally occurring protein sources. Therefore whey continues to be the gold standard protein source for sports and active nutrition products.

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Business Developement Manager, Volac International Ltd
Alan has spent over 10 years in the Sports and Active Nutrition Industry, seeing what works (and what doesn’t) from a variety of angles. As part of the SCI-MX Nutrition sales team for 3 years, he dealt with specialist independent retailers, major supermarket chains and online giants. Moving from there to Ornua Nutrition Ingredients, Alan experienced how a contract manufacturing business works. Over 3 years he saw up close the challenges of managing a complex supply chain and was successful in bringing many new products to market for his clients. Now, as Business Development Manager for Volac, he is responsible for looking at the future of the whey protein industry; exploring new markets, new geographies and new ingredients. This experience across ingredient supplier, finished product manufacturer and brand gives Alan a valuable insight into the inner workings of our industry.
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