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The CARES Act, Cost Segregation & Property Owners

February 9, 2021 at 12:00:00 PM · Pacific Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

The 2020 CARES Act offered business owners a way to generate cash flow through lower taxes and tax refunds from prior years. Although there are many benefits provided to business owners through the CARES Act, two specific items significantly benefit property owners. Learn how Moskowitz LLP utilizes Cost Segregation Studies to identify Net Operating Loss Carrybacks and Qualified Improvement Property as you can now retroactively apply depreciation to Qualified Improvement Property.

This webinar is a must for all who own property in addition to their primary residence, real estate investors, and real estate portfolio managers.

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Webinar hosting presenter Liz Prehn
Attorney at Law
Liz is a practicing attorney and the Director of Practice Group Development at Moskowitz LLP. She oversees client service, firm operations, and business development. With 20 years of experience at the firm, Liz has helped hundreds of clients facing tax controversies, investigations, and criminal tax charges, and has played a key role in the successful expansion of the firm’s services to clients.
Webinar hosting presenter
Founding Partner of Moskowitz LLP
Steve started Moskowitz LLP because he saw that while big corporations were consistently navigating the tax code to their advantage, smaller businesses and individuals were not. With prior experience as a CPA at a national accounting firm, and with extensive experience in the corporate world, Steve knew he could help smaller businesses and individuals by applying what he knew, and wanted to make the critical difference in businesses and individual lives that protected them from the powerful government and enabled them to keep and enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of work that otherwise could be taken away from clients by the government in just one action. Today – together with a full team of tax attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents and other professional staff – Moskowitz LLP helps business and individual clients across the country and overseas to resolve a wide variety of tax matters.
Webinar hosting presenter
Managing Attorney
Mr. Capdevielle has been developing sophisticated tax planning strategies and resolving tax disputes for more than two decades. As lawyer, accountant, and longtime adjunct professor, Mr. Capdevielle formulates strategies to utilize the ever-changing array of federal and state tax laws – and relevant treaties – to clients’ benefit. This includes comprehensive counsel to businesses adapting to sweeping tax law changes enacted in 2017, and ongoing work with business owners and other individual taxpayers seeking to preserve assets through trust and estate planning.
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National Accounts - CSSI
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