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ES6 Modules, Mastering Chrome Developer Tools, and more

About This Webinar

Welcome to the first modern web online conference! You can enjoy modern web conference monthly in person in the Bay Area and Raleigh as well as online.

This month, we'll be featuring Kent C. Dodds and Jon Kuperman on ES6 Modules and Chrome Developer Tools.

Topic 1: More than you want to know about ES6 Modules

ES6 Modules have been standardized and many have already started using them. They have a lot of benefits over CommonJS, AMD, and Globals.

Unfortunately, there are many ways to deal with modules with this new syntax and it can be a bit confusing. In this talk, we'll explore the different ways you can use the new syntax and when you'd use the different methods. We'll also investigate what's going on at a high level. Buckle up for a firehose of ES6 information .

Presenter: Kent C. Dodds (@kentcdodds)

I am Kent C. Dodds. I work at PayPal as the frontend engineer. I host JavaScript Air, a live video broadcast podcast about JavaScript. I spend a bit of time on GitHub and Twitter. I’m an Egghead.io instructor. I’m happily married and happily the father of three kids. I like code. I care about craft, design, and architecture. I like to talk about it. Come chat with me :-)

Topic 2: Mastering Chrome Developer Tools

Let's walk through each tab of Chrome's developer tools and learn all the great things they can do. We’ll learn how to: force element state, diagnose slow websites, persist changes to disk, add breakpoints, step through debug, profile CPU and find memory leaks!

Presenter: Jon Kuperman (@jkup)

Bio: I'm Jon Kuperman, a web developer at Twitter. I'm passionate about JavaScript, web performance and Accessibility. In my free time I speak at conferences, blog at @codeplanet and make educational videos.

Questions for us? Email tracy@modern-web.org or find us on Twitter @modernweb_

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