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Dealing with Impostor Syndrome

About This Webinar

In this webinar, our host Mauricio Sierra will be tackling the issue of Impostor Syndrome.

As software developers, we are faced with an extremely fast-changing environment. This can become overwhelming and lead us to experience feelings of inadequacy. In this talk, Mauricio will share his experiences as a software developer and the learnings he's gathered about feeling and dealing with imposter syndrome.

Join us and put your impostor Syndrome in its place!

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Webinar hosting presenter Ariel Camus
Microverse Founder. Training Remote Software Developer all Around the World. Formerly TouristEye Co-founder (acquired by Lonely Planet)
Webinar hosting presenter
Senior Software Developer at Shopify
Mauricio is a Senior Software Developer at Shopify in Toronto, Canada. He has spent the last 11 years working on mobile software development and is currently focused on Android development.
Webinar hosting presenter Maria Eugenia Quemé Peña
Host (Introducer)
Full-time student at Microverse
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Microverse webinar platform hosts Dealing with Impostor Syndrome
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