About This Webinar
With all states having mandates that require some level of insurance coverage for the treatment of autism, providers have turned to health care funders as a primary source of reimbursement for services. Building a culture of compliance within your Revenue Cycle Management team can aid in building a collaborative force in identifying and solving obstacles before they become risks and barriers to care.

In this webinar, we will outline the functions and roles within the revenue cycle that can contribute to adhering to compliance standards aligning with your core values which can build confidence in helping providers stay out of harm’s way of fraudulent activity. We will also review steps to take in setting up a voluntary compliance program in your organization and where revenue cycle management falls into that plan.
Michele Silcox, CMRS
CEO / Co-Owner of ABA Therapy Billing
Michele Silcox, a Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist with her career in Accounting, quickly learned that the basic principles of Accounting apply across all industries. She developed a keen sense of controls, checks, and balances and was able to successfully manage large teams of accounting staff in meeting and exceeding goals for all levels of back office functions. With her experience and desire to help others, she is a seasoned, natural leader and trainer for employees, executives, and colleagues she has worked with. For the last nine years, Michele has focused her career in ABA Therapy billing and insurance funding sources, founding ABA Therapy Billing and Insurance Services, a nationally recognized Autism Services billing, consulting, and credentialing company as well as MKS Consulting LLC where she provides practice consultation, revenue cycle management efficiency analysis and risk assessment to support compliance and profitability. Michele is a member of Dr. Jon Bailey’s ABA Ethics Hotline where she supports education for providers on ethical billing. With tighter regulations on healthcare services, providers need to know when they are at risk for non-compliance and remain out of harm’s way of fraudulent activity. Helping providers find that peace of mind is her goal. Michele is coauthor of Revenue Cycle Management for ABA Therapy.