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Maker Mask: Small Batch PPE Production and COVID-19 Data Analysis/Visualization Platform

About This Webinar

Join the leaders of the Maker Mask Initiative and the inventor of the Maker Mask for the latest update on this nonprofit, rapidly-growing grassroots ecosystem and digital platform response to the COVID-19 pandemic organized by leaders in technology, industry, and government. Our National Institutes of Health (NIH)-approved Maker Masks are now being manufactured in 144 countries. Get details on the Who, What, Where, When and How. Hear lessons learned on small batch production of personal protective equipment (PPE). Also, find out how you can join the Maker Mask Movement and support this important initiative.

A Q&A with the presenters will follow:

Jonathan Roberts, Leader of the Maker Mask Initiative
Rory Larson, Inventor of the Maker Mask
Taylor Odegard, Founder and CEO of NavigatorCRE and Technology Leader of the Maker Mask Digital Platform

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Leader of the Maker Mask Initiative
Jonathan Roberts brings a deep background in the technology industry and community to Maker Mask. When Rory Larson, developer of the 3D printable Maker Mask brought the idea to him, Jonathan quickly realized it had the possibility of rapidly increasing the supply of masks for the medical and general community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout this entire project, Jonathan has taken the lead in getting the template for the masks into the hands of everyone from single 3D printer enthusiasts to larger production entities.

Jonathan is a founder and partner at Ignition Partners, the Northwest’s largest venture capital firm. With more than $3 billion in committed capital across its early-stage venture funds and affiliated funds in China, Ignition focuses its investments on enterprise software companies, and has led early-stage rounds for such companies as Splunk, Docusign, Avvo and Cloudera. Jonathan led a number of these investments, most notably, Docusign, in which Ignition was the first institutional investor. Jonathan served on the company’s board for nearly 15 years.
Jonathan is also co-founder of the RPrime Foundation, a nonprofit online platform designed is to bring together groups of different traditions or beliefs so they may build productive relationships of mutual respect.

Prior to Ignition Jonathan spent 13 years at Microsoft. He led the marketing and business efforts for a number of versions of Windows, Windows NT and BackOffice. Jonathan received his bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Washington where he was also student body president. He serves on the boards of the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR), Applied Precision Learning and University of Washington’s Institute of Stem Cell Research (ISCRM). Jonathan was formerly on the executive committees of The Epiphany School, The University of Washington Foundation Board and The United Nations Association of America. Jonathan is married to Elizabeth Roberts and they have three children.
Webinar hosting presenter
Inventor of the Maker Mask
Rory Larson developed, designed and prototyped the Maker Mask in only 48 hours on just a few hours’ sleep as a way to bring sorely needed masks to health care workers in the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal was to give a free template for a 3D-printable respirator quality mask that could be used by hobbyists and others to quickly create masks for those on the frontlines of the virus.

Rory is a “bring to market” rapid prototyping expert with 10 years’ experience in engineering, CAD, 3D printing, CNC and small batch production manufacturing. His clients and projects have included a fully funded Kickstarter expandable and affordable 3D printer, a robotic agrobot system, an autonomous driving module and a digital library of thousands of jewelry charms for the largest U.S.-based accessory company, among others.

After studying engineering on both the East Coast (Rochester Institute of Technology) and in Hawaii (University of Hawaii), Rory returned to Seattle to immerse himself in the technology culture, the Maker Space community and the rain. As an early employee of Seattle Makers, Rory helped on hundreds of projects that utilized his vast knowledge and mastery of woodworking, laser-cutting, welding, 3D printing, CNC milling, CAD design and development. Rory has collaborated on the development of team-building programs and led classes for all sized companies — from start-up breweries to Amazon.

When not battling the epidemic any way he can, Rory is part of a small team developing new methods of manufacturing in chemical processing and distillation industry, as well as bringing to market a bio-metric medical inhaler system.
Webinar hosting presenter Taylor Odegard
Founder and CEO of NavigatorCRE and Technology Leader of the Maker Mask Digital Platform
Taylor is helping the Maker Mask project with digital logistics, website development, digital asset management and deployment, as well as broad marketing and PR activities alongside Jonathan, Garr, and Rory.

In Taylor's non-pandemic day job, he is the CEO and head of innovation of NavigatorSRVS and CRE. He leads a team of 25 data scientists, business intelligence developers and systems architects in building the ultimate industry platform for data analytics focused on Navigator's core verticals of commercial real estate, fintech and health/human services. Taylor oversees the core development of the Navigator platform services and enlightens the market of the most leading-edge software services and practices to enhance the industry as a whole. Taylor is the original visionary behind NavigatorCRE. He started
developing innovative technology applications while gaining a real estate and finance degree from the University of Southern California. He is nationally recognized as a pioneer in real estate technology innovation, driving significant transactions and success for his clients.

Over the past decade Taylor has refined best practices for data visualization and property research, while running his own web development company and collaborating with commercial real estate firms. His ability to develop proprietary code and digital functionality allowed him to lead a top-tier NavigatorCRE development team to create a revolutionary platform that significantly elevates performance levels of commercial real estate professionals through the digitization of processes related to business development, market research, valuation, site acquisition, property and asset management through final disposition.
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