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Wound Care

Mon, Mar 7, 2022 · 2:30 PM · London
About This Webinar

Introducing Microlyte Vet: A new generation of wound technology for optimal wound healing. Wounds heal through a cascade of events; from the moment of injury haemostasis begins allowing platelet aggregation which leads to the release of critical growth factors and cytokines that enable wound progression. This workshop explains the science behind the Microlyte product and explains when it can be adopted to support optimal healing.

- Goals of wound management
- Principles of wound management
- Stages of wound healing
- Wound management case studies
- Use of the Microlyte Vet product to support optimal wound healing

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Webinar hosting presenter
Georgie Hollis BSc is an independent specialist in wound management and dressing technologies. She has lectured widely, both nationally and internationally across equine and small animal disciplines and has authored many peer reviewed articles across the UK and beyond.

Georgie's day to day role is focused on running the Veterinary Wound Library (www.vetwoundlibrary.com) and coordinating her team of Bandaging Angels.
This site provides a resource for members to access specialist telemedicine support and further education in wound management.

Georgie also heads up her team of ‘Bandaging Angels’ who deliver tailored in house CPD to help practices refine their dressing selection and overcome their bandaging demons.

Georgie regularly lectures to veterinary professionals at both national and international events across a range of species. These have included BSAVA, BVNA, BEVA, ISFM, Vets South & Vets North and E-Vet Congresses, to name just a few! She has also contributed to a list of veterinary publications, including The Veterinary Nurse & Companion Animal titles. Her knowledge is supported by an array of internationally recognised specialists who she works with to ensure the best advice and evidence based techniques are shared through her work.
Webinar hosting presenter
Professor and Chair
Department of Surgical Sciences
School of Veterinary Medicine
University of Wisconsin-Madison
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