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Maintaining wellbeing during extreme stress

About This Webinar

It is well documented that learning healthy coping habits can reduce effects of long term stress such as burnout. Together, we will explore recent scientific developments that promote dealing with distress, providing novel insight into why this is so important, specifically for nursing professionals (and those that work with them). Giving you access to highly efficient techniques that provide immediate relief, you are invited to experience a live TONIC session to empower your fullest professional and personal wellbeing, for you, your colleagues, your teams and those you care for.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Integrative Psychologist
Kimberley is an Integrative Psychologist and member of the British Psychological Society, with over 13 years experience. She is uniquely positioned within UK government clinical advisory and is known for providing innovative, evidenced-based mental health solutions for those working within complex and challenging settings. Kimberley is warmly encouraging, constructive and insightful as she challenges mental ill health inequalities in the interest of public health protection. Her work is published globally and offers expert knowledge with practical application to advance education, research and development to provide effective integrated psychological guidance and harm reduction approaches.
Webinar hosting presenter
CEO Eden Wellstyle - Psychotherapist
Dov is a psychotherapist with a wealth of training and experience in several disciplines. A compassionate human with immense pragmatism, and a sense of justice that merited a private audience with HRH Prince William in recognition of his charity organisation working with psycho-trauma. His book: Mind Over Terror – 3 Weeks 2 Cities 1 Mission, tells of his mission to change the approach to mental health in dealing with psychological shock and trauma in the UK. Dov is an experienced trainer in Cognitive Psychological first aid and in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, hosting a number of social media shows and interviewing world leading mental health minds.
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