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Greener respiratory healthcare and inhalers

About This Webinar

This session will be presented by Darush Attar.

Doing the right thing clinically for individual patients must remain the primary focus of clinicians and there’s plenty we can do to on a personal level too.

Greener respiratory healthcare that is kinder to the environment should be:
- Patient-centred, putting patients at the heart of systems and decision-making processes so that they are more likely to adhere to appointments, prescribed medications, and self-care advice.
- Focused on achieving and maintaining disease control including appropriate prescribing and holistic care to enable patients to understand and adhere to their prescribed regimen/s. Inhaled respiratory medications should be delivered using the inhaler with the lowest carbon impact that is appropriate for an individual and alongside safe disposal/recycle schemes.
- Supporting a reduction in outdoor pollution and indoor air pollution (in the home or workplace and including secondhand tobacco smoke) is recognised as a priority for the prevention of respiratory disease.

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Webinar hosting presenter
Respiratory Pharmacist
Darush is a respiratory pharmacist for RightBreathe & NW London CYP Asthma Network
He is Co-Chair of the TaskForce for Lung Health Medicines Optimisation group and part of the PCRS Executive Committee.
He has presented at various national & international conferences (including ERS, IPCRG, PCRS, CPC, Respiratory show) and was asked to help review the National Training Standards for Smoking Cessation. He is an active teacher and follower of the IPCRG Asthma Right Care social movement and enjoys spreading positive messages on how people can live much better with asthma.
Darush has published more than 25 clinical papers and writes teaching modules on various pharmacy platforms. He has been recognised by his healthcare peers at the 2019 PCPA GP Pharmacist awards for excellence.
Darush enjoys running and raising money for respiratory & cardiac charities. One of his main missions is to reduce health inequalities caused by tobacco and poor health care and spends a lot of his time teaching in deprived locations across the UK.
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