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    London (GMT 1:00)
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    Day 2, Seminar 3 will see Dave Guinane reveal how to deliver music tech on a budget from 5.50-6.25pm.

    Dave will explore budget-friendly approaches to music technology and how cheap or free apps and online software can be integrated into a music curriculum. From cloud software to smartphone apps, and separating the gimmicks from the genuine, the focus will be on musical value and ease of use.
  • Agenda
    • 5.00pm | Keynote 2 Virtual reality, motion sense and animation - Mark Sexton
    • 5.30pm | Exhibition and networking break
    • 5.50pm | Music tech on a budget: cheap or free apps and online software - Dave Guinane
    • 6.25pm | Music coding - Sam Aaron
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    Anyone with the event link can attend
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