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Thriving in a Difficult Economy: Patient-centric Strategies That Will Improve Your Bottom Line

About This Webinar

In today’s economy, it’s harder than ever to not only survive, but thrive. The healthcare industry is being hit from all sides. At times, it may seem everything is heading in the wrong direction; for example, reimbursements, staff resources, and test volumes are low while expenses, denied claims, and regulatory pressures are high.

Now is the time to take proactive steps to tackle the challenges head on.

Join John (JD) Donnelly to discuss ways your lab can effectively respond in these uncertain economic times to strengthen your competitive advantage and your bottom line.

  • Guidance to conduct a current state assessment of your business to evaluate opportunities for savings or growth
  • Specific strategies you can take today to improve your financial performance and create a sustainable approach to success
  • Opportunities to accelerate revenue, manage costs, drive productivity, and enhance the patient’s experience by leveraging technology
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Founder & CEO, FrontRunner HC
John Donnelly ("JD") is the CEO and founder of FrontRunnerHC, which provides a data automation platform to help labs, hospitals, physician groups, and other healthcare organizations maximize reimbursements while also enhancing their patients’ experience with instantaneous access to accurate patient demographic, insurance, and financial information at any point during the care journey. The SaaS solutions provider leverages its access to the largest payer network in the industry to find, verify, and fix patient information in real time. JD founded FrontRunnerHC in 2010 with decades of experience in the healthcare technology and insurance billing industry. He had previously founded his first company, TeraHealth, to drive adoption of EDI and the 270/271 standards for patient insurance across the healthcare industry and it became one of the top three submitters of Medicare eligibility transactions in the United States. TeraHealth was sold to MPV, which was later acquired by Experian.
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