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Making your Lab More Green: Equipment, Plastics, Standards, and More. Learning from Green Labs Across the Pond

September 22, 2020 at 11:00:00 AM · Eastern Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

Laboratories are extremely energy intensive, and require immense consumption of single-use items (often plastics). Much is being done to mitigate these effects, and make labs as green and sustainable as possible. In this talk, we’ll look at why sustainability is relevant in laboratories, and learn what initiatives are growing in the UK and EU. Attendees can expect to leave this webinar with these three key takeaways:

• General intro to lab sustainability/green labs
• Our perspective on the following:

1. Buildings and refurb
2. Procurement—equipment vs consumables (share the drivers, what we’re asking users to look for, what we’re doing in the UK/EU about this)
3. Lab operations, how people interact with the labs they use (LEAF)

• Real-life examples

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Sustainable Labs Advisor, University College London/Kings College London
Martin Farley started as a lab technician and researcher, but his passion for sustainability led him to become the Europe’s first full-time green lab specialist at the University of Edinburgh in 2013. In 2015 he moved south to London where he founded the EU’s first green lab consultancy: Green Lab Associates. He’s since initiated green lab programs at UCL, King’s College London (where he was recognized with the Green Gown—Sustainability Professional award), and beyond. He developed the LEAF green lab standard at UCL, and now manages this globally.
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