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A Cleaner Order for a Better Bottom Line & Positive Patient Experience

About This Webinar

The road to reimbursement can be bumpy. While getting paid quickly for all the services you provide shouldn’t be so challenging, too many claims go unpaid. And in an environment where you’re being squeezed by declining reimbursements, increasing expenses, and staff shortages, every detour or obstacle can cost you money, time, or repeat clients. Rather than driving the same route hoping for a smoother ride, isn’t it time for a different approach?

Join John Donnelly (JD), CEO of FrontRunnerHC, as he uncovers the big obstacles that threaten your reimbursements and patient/physician satisfaction as well as the problems that can result from the traditional billing and reimbursement approach and the potential negative downstream impact throughout the organization. See how data automation can be leveraged at the front end of your workflow to ensure clean patient data goes into your laboratory information system (LIS). And get actionable tips to expedite your path to a better bottom line and a better experience for your patients, referring physicians, and employees.

JD will also describe a vision for a more cohesive and integrated ecosystem, providing a glimpse into some development efforts to help break down the silos that often exist between insurance companies, labs, other healthcare organizations, physicians, and patients and enable labs to have the cleanest order possible coming in, both clinically and financially.

  • Why getting paid for the services you perform and keeping patients happy is so hard
  • How your current revenue cycle workflow may be causing you to lose money (with a hit on both revenue and expenses), time, and clients
  • The key steps to find and remove roadblocks to drive more revenue, the cost-effective use of your staff’s time, and repeat business
  • How leveraging data automation to get clean patient data at the front end can be a game changer for you
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CEO and Founder, FrontRunnerHC
John Donnelly (JD) is the CEO and Founder of FrontRunnerHC, which provides a data automation platform to help labs, hospitals, physician groups, and other healthcare organizations maximize reimbursements while also enhancing their patients’ experience with instantaneous access to accurate patient demographic, insurance, and financial information at any point during the care journey. The SaaS solutions provider leverages its access to the largest payer network in the industry to find, verify, and fix patient information in real-time. JD founded FrontRunnerHC in 2010 with decades of experience in the healthcare technology and insurance billing industry. He had previously founded his first company, TeraHealth, to drive adoption of EDI and the 270/271 standards for patient insurance across the healthcare industry and it became one of the top three submitters of Medicare eligibility transactions in the United States. TeraHealth was sold to MPV, which was later acquired by Experian.
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