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Testing Fields again

Sat, Jul 27, 2019 · 4:30 PM · Pacific Time (US & Canada)
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Webinar hosting presenter Adam Creelman
Training Specialist
Adam has worked in education, training and development since 2007. He has a Masters Degree in Educational Technology and Learning Design and is committed to making helping people and organizations achieve through the power of educational experiences.
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Kryton International webinar platform hosts Testing Fields again
As a world leader in innovative Smart Concrete® technologies, Kryton International Inc. supplies over 50 countries with concrete waterproofing, durability, and monitoring solutions. These include award-winning admixtures, such as the waterproofing admixture Krystol Internal Membrane™, the integral concrete hardener Hard-Cem®, and the Maturix™ Smart Concrete® Sensors, the latest Kryton product to win the Most Innovative Product Award at World of Concrete 2020. Outside of distributing these products, Kryton is also an active member of many professional industry associations including Concrete Manitoba, American Concrete Institute, International Concrete Repair Institute, and American Shotcrete Association.