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Integral Concrete Hardening Admixture: Smart Solution to Enhance Concrete Durability

About This Webinar

Concrete can deteriorate from physical causes such as abrasive and erosive activities. These activities may involve moving vehicular traffic, flowing water, wave action around waterfront marine structures, and cavitation pressures on a spillway’s downstream side. As a result, abrasion and erosion resistance is very critical to structures that encounter those activities, such as hydraulic structures, pavements, warehouse floors, and industrial buildings.

Traditionally, workers have attempted to achieve that resistance using a dry-shake hardener or applying a liquid densifier. However, due to the need for greener and simpler application processes, workers are starting to look for other solutions.

To aid them in their search, this session will highlight a new admixture technology known as an integral hardening admixture. Participants will learn how this innovative admixture improves abrasion and erosion resistance in concrete projects, increases concrete durability and service life, and helps develop sustainable, long-lasting structures.

This video is a recording of the presentation held at the ACI Spring Convention on March 30, 2021.

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Webinar hosting presenter Pejman Azarsa
MScE & PhD, Research Scientist at Kryton International Inc.
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Kryton International webinar platform hosts Integral Concrete Hardening Admixture: Smart Solution to Enhance Concrete Durability
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