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Wednesday, Nov 18, 12:00 PM EST · 1 hour

Most Common IRS Notices and Recent IRS Updates on Notices

November 18, 2020 at 12:00:00 PM · Eastern Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

This webinar will review several common IRS notices in the IRS collections timeline and how tax professionals should decipher and respond to those notices. These notices will include the CP 500 series, CP 14, CP 2000, Final Notices, and Notice of Deficiency. We will examine the appropriate ways to advise taxpayers of the meaning of the notices, the options for response to the IRS, as well as the next steps from the IRS after these notices are issues. This will also include the types of appeals, if applicable, that can be filed with the IRS in response to said notices. In addition, the IRS has recently provided updates regarding several of these notices and we will discuss those updates as well as newly issued IRS collections guidance.

Most Common IRS Notices and Recent IRS Updates on Notices
Category: Federal Tax Law Topics/Federal Tax Related Matters
Hours: 1
Delivery Method: Online
Target Audience: Enrolled Agents, Other Tax Return Preparers

Contact Heather Greenwell, CAE, VASEA Administrator, at (804) 723-5888.

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Webinar hosting presenter Jennifer Cable
Jennifer Cable is an Enrolled Agent and NTPI Fellow. She completed a Bachelor’s Degree at Virginia Tech in Political Science, as well as a Master’s Degree at Radford University in Criminal Justice. She has worked with Wall & Associates, Inc. for 18 years, a company which provides Administrative Tax Representation Services to taxpayers across the United States. Jennifer initially performed office assistant duties at Wall & Associates, Inc. while in college, eventually moved to working Administrative Tax Representation cases for several years, and then began transitioning into managerial roles. She received her Enrolled Agent License in 2009, and has served as the Chief Operating Officer of Wall & Associates, Inc. since 2003. Her current job duties consist of handling day to day operations of the company including hiring of new talent, administering policies and procedures for casework staff, advising on upper level IRS and State tax matters and cases, conducting training for staff on IRS and State tax matters, as well as overseeing the IT needs of the company. Jennifer has also served as a Director with VASEA as of October 2019. Outside of the tax representation world Jennifer enjoys playing music, live music concerts, all Virginia Tech sporting events, spending time with family, and being with her 3 sons who all have 4 legs and lots of fur.
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