[Getting Started] Getting Started with Klaviyo
Are you new to Klaviyo? Or are you a new user getting up to speed in Klaviyo? Either way, you're in the right place. Gain access to the Klaviyo Getting Started Checklist, and learn the best practices to get up and running with Klaviyo today!
Join us to get started with Klaviyo!

Together with Klaviyo experts, you'll gain access to an Account Setup and Getting Started Checklists. Both assets with give you the clear instructions on what to do next in your account. 

We will start an overview of Klaviyo, then we will walk you through how you should prioritize building in your account. Our friendly experts are there to answer any questions along the way. 

And if you need additional assistance, register for our Office Hours, typically run directly after the session. 

Attend this training if: your brand is new to Klaviyo or if you’re a new user managing a Klaviyo account. This training is for beginners looking for a holistic understanding of how the different elements of the platform are connected. 

This is not: a troubleshooting session. We can assist with strategy, but there will not be any technical troubleshooting in this training. 

Sessions requirements: Access to a Klaviyo account.


Tips for success:

  • Come logged into Klaviyo
  • Use a second monitor or device so you can view both the webinar and your account
  • Be active and ready to learn 
  • Integrations
  • Signup forms
  • Flows
  • Campaigns
  • Lists and segments
Klaviyo (CLAY-vee-oh) powers smarter digital relationships, making it easy for businesses to capture, store, analyze, and predictively use their own data to drive measurable, high-value outcomes.
Rob Boland
Rob loves to think outside the box and solve those "head scratching" problems that keep you awake at night. He works to bridge the gap between business and technology drawing on his experience working with hundreds of companies over the last 10 years
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Webinar: [Getting Started] Getting Started with Klaviyo by Klaviyo Customer Education