[Strategy Session] SMS Marketing Strategy (APAC)
In this session, we will consider how you can integrate SMS into your current campaign and flow strategy.
A strategy session is a thought-provoking session where you'll learn industry best practices to inspire your future marketing.

Intended audience: This training is held at a time that's Australia friendly and will focus on Australia specific SMS best practices. Please note that at this time SMS is only available for recipients based in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, but you can send to recipients in these countries even if you are based elsewhere!

If you are based in North America, please join our North America training on the same topic and if you are based in the UK, please join our UK training on the same topic.

Event description: SMS is a powerful marketing channel that can speed up your customers' buying process and increase your marketing ROI. Understanding best practices and effective strategies will allow you to connect with customers on a new level. Once you decide how SMS fits into your communication strategy, it will become yet another medium to engage with customers in creative ways while driving revenue generation.

If you have any questions, comment on our Community post for this training.

We will cover:
  • SMS sending best practices 
  • How SMS fits into your current marketing strategy 
  • Use cases and examples of effective SMS strategy
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Rob Boland
Rob loves to think outside the box and solve those "head scratching" problems that keep you awake at night. He works to bridge the gap between business and technology drawing on his experience working with hundreds of companies over the last 10 years
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Webinar: [Strategy Session] SMS Marketing Strategy (APAC) by Klaviyo Customer Education