Measure your success with Klaviyo reporting

About this event:
A strategy session is a thought-provoking session where you'll learn industry best practices to inspire your future marketing.

Event description:
A sound reporting strategy is essential to measure the success of your marketing efforts. But where do you even begin? Every tool has its own dashboard, and they are never as intuitive as you might like. Learn how Klaviyo’s prebuilt reporting suite can help you quickly analyze your business and understand your marketing performance.

This training will walk you through how a business like yours would utilize Klaviyo to understand performance and plan next steps.

Intended audiences:
Register for the session that best matches your business size and region from the dropdown menu.

Need help selecting the training that is the best fit for you? Read through the descriptions below, and choose the session that makes the most sense for you:

Entrepreneurs: Are you an entrepreneur, founder, or co-founder always on the go and need a way to quickly understand your website performance? Attend the session to see where you can look to answer your questions and automate your reports to send a notification directly to your email.

Small to medium-sized businesses: Are you an email marketer at a small or medium-sized business who wants understand performance and identify opportunities for future efforts? You need data to drive your decision making, but you aren't exactly sure where to look in Klaviyo.

Large and mid-market businesses: Are you an email marketing or CRM manager at a large or mid-market business? Are you at a loss on where to go for your reporting? Join this session to understand the differences in Klaviyo's attribution model and see how you can layer reports to help drive impactful change to your owned marketing.

Tips for success:
  • Come logged into Klaviyo and ready follow along

  • Bring your reporting questions and challenges
    • Using Klaviyo to understand your business
    • Overviewing reporting functions in Klaviyo
    • Selecting the right report based on your needs
    • Price: Free
    • Language: English
    • Who can attend? Everyone
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