[Office Hours] Google and Yahoo's New Sender Requirements
Join these special edition sessions to learn all about Google and Yahoo's new requirements for email senders.

About this event: Have you heard about Google and Yahoo's new sender requirements? These new rules, intended to combat spam, phishing, and other forms of email fraud, could directly impact the deliverability of your messages. These changes are ultimately going to be good for you and your customers, but there are some steps you need to take to make sure your messages land in the inbox. 

During this session: we will explain exactly what the new requirements are, how they impact email senders, and what actions you need to take to remain in compliance. We will also have deliverability experts in each training to help answer your questions. 

What to expect: If you have attended our regular office hours, please note that these special edition sessions will held in a different format:

  • A little over half of our time will be spent explaining Google and Yahoo's new changes and the steps you need to take to get into compliance. 
  • The remaining time will be dedicated to answering questions live. 

Attend this session if: you want to understand the new requirements from Google and Yahoo. 


  • If you haven't had a chance to do so yet, take a moment to read our blog post on Google and Yahoo's new sender requirements
  • In order to meet Google and Yahoo's requirements, you will need to have access to your DNS records. Your DNS records are stored outside of Klaviyo with your DNS provider. If you do not know who your DNS provider is, please talk to your IT team or reference a tool like this one to find out. 
  • We cannot troubleshoot individual accounts during our live sessions. We can assist from a strategic point of view, but technical troubleshooting is not possible. For account troubleshooting, please contact our support team. 

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Webinar: [Office Hours] Google and Yahoo's New Sender Requirements by Klaviyo Customer Education