[Ask the experts] From clicks to bricks: Integrate the online and in-store customer journey

[Ask the experts] From clicks to bricks: Integrate the online and in-store customer journey

About this event:
[Ask the experts] The Ask the experts series creates a space for conversation, creativity, and inspiration by connecting businesses with industry leaders and subject matter experts.

Event description: Are you struggling to integrate in-store and online shopping experiences for your customers? Are you placing your brick-and-mortar and ecommerce data in silos, and you’re hoping to bridge the gap? Maybe you’re planning local events and unsure how to get your online customers to show up, or you’re hoping to encourage your in-store customers to shop online more frequently.

No matter what your specific goals are, this is your chance to learn some tips, tricks, and best practices from business owners and marketers just like you. Our panelists will share how they create a consistent brand experience, target their messaging using all available data sources, and diversify revenue by encouraging both online and in-store shopping. Join this panel discussion and live Q&A session, and get inspired!

Meet the panelists:

Melissa Smith, Director of Retention Marketing at Jenni Kayne: Melissa is an experienced marketing professional at Jenni Kayne, a California lifestyle brand that sells furniture, home goods, clothing, and accessories. Founded in 2002, Jenni Kayne currently has 20 physical locations all across the United States, with 3 more opening soon. To bring together the online and in-store customer experience, Melissa focuses on location-based segmenting and advertising creative popup events and workshops to bring online subscribers in person.

Mark Sorak, Director of Business Development, & Lauren DeMarsh, Creative Director at Plaza Artist Materials and Picture Framing: Mark and Lauren have been with Plaza Artist Materials, an art supply and custom framing store, for 12 and 4 years respectively. Plaza Artist Materials currently has 12 physical locations in Washington DC, Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia. To bring their in-store data seamlessly into Klaviyo, Mark and Lauren worked with a developer to create custom APIs. The team uses this data to create personalized marketing messages for their customers, including sending specific welcome series flows for in-store signups and targeted campaigns based on previous purchase data.

Devin Montgomery, Owner & Lucas Bridport, Product Marketing Manager at Skiis and Biikes: Devin is the owner of Skiis and Biikes, a specialty retail store that was founded in 1978, and Lucas has brought his marketing expertise to the family-owned brand for the past year. Skiis and Biikes currently has 3 physical locations in Canada, with one additional seasonal store. Using a POS integration, they sync their store data into Klaviyo. This data, in combination with online shopping data, shapes and informs their overall marketing strategy.

Jeremy Brooks, Principal Customer Success Manager at Klaviyo: As a Principal CSM, Jeremy has a wealth of experience helping customers of all sizes and industries optimize their Klaviyo accounts. He is an expert at establishing a solid infrastructure and finding creative solutions that meet customers’ email and SMS marketing needs and more. He has worked with several brick-and-mortar businesses who bring their in-store/POS data into the platform, enabling them to be set up for success.

Attend this training if: your business has both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores.

Session breakdown:

  • The first part of this session will be a panel discussion, during which the speakers will share their backgrounds, how they’ve developed their in-store and online marketing strategies, the obstacles they’ve overcome, and the best practices they’ve discovered along the way.

  • In the second part of this session, our panelists will separate into breakout rooms. Inside the breakout rooms, you will have the opportunity to come on camera or off mute and have a live discussion with the panelists.

  • There will be three breakout rooms, one for each business panelist.

  • Tips for success

    • Don’t clam up! We want to hear from you. Come to this session ready with any questions you would like to ask the panelists. This is an opportunity to truly engage in conversation, and we would love for you to come on camera (or off mute) and talk to the panelists.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Price: Free
  • Language: English
  • Who can attend? Everyone
  • Dial-in available? (listen only): Not available.
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