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Recording of Kitces Marketing Summit: Using Education-Based Marketing To Show Your (Unique) Expertise

About This Webinar

Traditional financial advisor marketing was all about the quantity of prospects over the quality of the message. From cold calling to cold knocking to networking meetings, the ‘Game of Numbers’ was to get through as many “noes” as it took to get to the next prospect who said “Yes” and bought the product.

But selling advice is fundamentally different from selling a product. Prospects need to believe that you have the knowledge and skills to solve their problems before they’re willing to hire you. Which means that, when marketing your advice to potential clients, it’s essential to showcase your expertise and demonstrate your credibility.

At the Kitces Marketing Summit, you’ll see what successful financial advisors do to put their expertise on display, using educational content to attract their ideal clients. To employ an education-based marketing strategy, real financial advisors leverage audio (podcasts), video (virtual workshops and webinars) , and writing (blogging and publishing). So get ready for a unique behind-the-scenes look!

No vendors. No sponsors. Just a series of 30-minute, real conversations between our co-hosts Michael Kitces and Taylor Schulte and our expert guests—financial advisors who will screenshare their audio, video, and written marketing strategies — the real-world tools they use to communicate their expertise to clients.

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Webinar Price: $397.00
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