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Vidyo.io Case Study: Level Therapy Builds "Mental Fitness"

Thu, Jul 27, 2017 · 11:00 AM · Pacific Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

Since launching Vidyo.io back in January, it has been exciting to see teams create all kinds of products using our API platform that genuinely help people. Level Therapy, for example, is a service that provides fast and easy access to psychologists and therapists through a mobile app, delivering video, voice and text communication. A reliable, resilient video experience, designed specifically for quality performance over mobile and the public Internet, is essential for Level Therapy’s users.

In this webinar, Ben Pinkerton, Director of Marketing at Vidyo.io, and both Dan Miller, CEO of Level Therapy, and Coley Williams, Licensed Therapist and Chief Medical Officer at Level Therapy, will take us through their exciting new service as well as how Vidyo.io helped make it a reality.

According to Level Therapy: "Every year nearly 60% of Americans with mental illness go undiagnosed. Social stigma, easy access, and cost deter more than 25 million people from seeking help." 

Level Therapy started their company because they saw the need for a radical readjustment of how we, as a community, approach Psychotherapy. They encourage engagement, diminish the stigma, and provide a platform to people that helps them gain Mental Fitness. Their ultimate goal is to democratize mental health and empower everyone to achieve their highest potential.

So a perfect event for both those interested in telehealth and also developers working on or intrigued by what Vidyo.io offers. Register now and bring your questions for the live event.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
CEO, Level Therapy
Dan Miller is a serial entrepreneur who's launched several startups. Before Level Therapy, Dan held various research and product roles at SurveyMonkey, Salesforce, Forrester Research, and StyleSeat.

Dan is inspired by learning, solving large complex problems, and leveraging design to build solutions that increase the productivity of everyone on Earth. In his off-time, you may catch Dan on a long run, playing soccer, or outside taking photos.
Webinar hosting presenter
Co Founder, CMO, Level Therapy
Coley Williams is a bilingual licensed therapist that has taught university level psychology in the US, and Mexico. Coley specializes in Clinical Art Therapy and is a Registered Art Therapist. Coley has worked in various settings and with many populations ranging from private practice work in Mexico City and Los Angeles, to trauma-focused community mental health work with youth in Compton.
Webinar hosting presenter Ben Pinkerton
Director of Marketing
Ben is not your typical marketing mouthpiece, although we think you'll find his mellifluous voice nothing if not soothing; he is a technical geek at heart, with rich experience in Videoconferencing (SVC, H.323, SIP), Collaboration, Video streaming and Unified Communications.
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Vidyo webinar platform hosts Vidyo.io Case Study: Level Therapy Builds "Mental Fitness"
Vidyo is the global leader in embedded video collaboration technology.
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