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ISI Convocation: Courage and Humility in Pursuit of the Good

About This Webinar

Responding with charity in the face of persecution is not an easy task. It's much more tempting to retaliate with anger, matching your opponent's vitriol and spite. But aren't we called to something greater? Conservative college students today are faced with the challenge of stoutly defending their principles without stooping to wield the tactics so often favored by the other side. 

Join the ISI Community for our Inaugural Virtual Convocation featuring Hillsdale College's Dr. Brad Birzer with a lecture on the wisdom that is to be gleaned from Socrates' ethics in the Crito. We aim to begin the new school year invigorated and edified, calm in the knowledge that the challenges we face today, as students and as a wider community, are not, in fact, new! In looking back on our history and traditions, we hope to find ways of bringing the good, the true, and the beautiful to our present moment. 

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