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How To Embed DEI Into the Core of Your Organization?

About This Webinar

Nearing the end of 2022, the general attitude towards physical and digital workspaces has changed drastically since the pandemic. A 2020 survey shows that 86% of people believe that working remotely is the future of work. In transforming the workplace of tomorrow, emphasis must be put on highlighting DEI in all aspects of the work environment.

Another report made by McKinsey prior to the pandemic shows that the most diverse companies are more likely to outperform those less diverse on profitability. In addition, stressing an inclusive workplace has a major impact on whether talent stays or leaves. But similar to a medicine cabinet where certain medicines address certain needs, different DEI practices result in certain effects according to a Wharton report from 2021. With 2023 around the corner, how will DEI practices evolve and affect the organisation? What measures can be taken and how should firms in the insurance industry embed DEI into the core of their organisation?

Tune in to see how leaders in the insurance industry are transforming its DEI practices to increase employee engagement for a more diverse, equal, and inclusive working environment.

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