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· 1 hour 30 minutes

PCI Product News, Awards, and fMRI Lecture

Fri, May 7, 2021 · 10:20 AM · Berlin
About This Webinar

Join Tim Wokrina and Mette Lauritzen for the latest information on Bruker PCI Product News, followed by the highly awaited announcement of the Bruker Award winners, and a lecture on advanced fMRI applications by Seong-Gi Kim.

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  • Bruker MRI and NMI News by T. Wokrina, M. Lauritzen
  • Bruker Award Winner
  • Guest Lecture - "Mouse fMRI at Ultrahigh fields" by S.-G. Kim
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Market Product Manager MRI
Webinar hosting presenter
Product Marketing Manager, Nuclear Molecular Imaging
Webinar hosting presenter
Director of Neuroscience Imaging Research Center
Seong-Gi Kim, Ph.D., is the Director of Neuroscience Imaging Research Center in the Institute for Basic Science (IBS), and Professor of Biomedical Engineering in Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU). He did his graduate works on in vivo NMR spectroscopy (1984-88) at Washington University, and postdoc training on structural biology at the University of Washington. In 1991, he moved to the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research in the University of Minnesota and involved into one of the first human fMRI studies in 1992. After advancing his rank to full Professor, he moved to the University of Pittsburgh in 2002. He was appointed as the inaugural Paul C. Lauterbur Chair in Imaging Research at 2009, which was created for honoring a Nobel laureate and MRI inventor. He returned to Korea in 2014 for setting up a new imaging center. His major research focus is to develop magnetic resonance imaging techniques for measuring brain physiology and function, to determine relationships between neural activity and hemodynamic responses, and to apply imaging tools for answering neuroscience questions.
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