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Shed your science insecurities and join your kids as a fellow learner! The biggest part of teaching your kids science is to engage their curiosity. Enjoy the scientific process even when things don't go exactly right.
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    Amy Ratliff
    Amy has been involved with BookShark’s Product Development Team for four years. Her favorite subject to develop is science! She’s helped develop the History of Science Labs and BookShark’s new standards-based science packages. Her own homeschool experience and time teaching at an elementary school fuels her drive to help students love to learn and homeschool parents feel confident to teach.
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    Janna Koch
    After using BookShark's curriculum with her three daughters for several years, she joined their team as a convention representative, helping homeschoolers choose the right programs for their families at in-person events. Now she assists homeschoolers across the world in her new role as a community manager. She loves it when a parent, unsure of their ability to homeschool their child, discovers they more than capable with the right curriculum!