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Discover how literature-based learning is the natural approach for children to learn language arts (and other topics). Engage your child's imagination with reading out loud. Understand how living history is a tool to raise life-long learners.
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    Lynn Woodley
    Lynn is a retired Homeschool mama as well as a Homeschool Curriculum Consultant for 15 years. She is still following her passion of supporting homeschool parents through her position as Product Expert/Charter School Liaison at BookShark the last 5 years.

    Outside of work, Lynn loves to remodel and has her remodel projects worked into phases. Recently she constructed a chicken coop, has 4 chicks, and hopes to be gathering eggs every day. Gardening, growing flowers, and fruit is a joy for Lynn. She loves to have her friends over and host tea luncheons, to pray and talk, although this past year hasn’t been able to do that. She loves to cook and bake for family, friends, and neighbors
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    Janna Koch
    After using BookShark curriculum with her three daughters for several years, she joined their team as a convention representative, helping homeschoolers choose the right programs for their families at in-person events. Now she assists homeschoolers across the world in her new role as a community manager. She loves it when a parent, unsure of their ability to homeschool their child, discovers they more than capable with the right curriculum!