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Your homeschool experience doesn't have to look like public school at home! For example, your homeschool space doesn’t have to look like a public school classroom. Public school separates kids into ages, but if you are homeschooling different ages, you can group them all together. Release yourself from the expectations of a classroom as you find your freedom as a homeschooler.
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    Sarah Hercules
    Sarah is a homeschooling mother to six children, three of whom have special needs. She has always had a passion for education and in her early career taught English at a private school in China. She is also an accomplished musician; she has performed in multiple music halls across the country, including Carnegie Hall in NYC. She currently continues to teach piano and voice lessons in addition to homeschooling her amazing children, reading every book she can, and laughing as much as possible. With Sarah coming from a public school background, and her husband with a career in public education, homeschooling was never in her life’s plan. However, over six years ago, that life plan changed and she has been homeschooling ever since. She loves what homeschooling has done for her family, in bringing them closer together and the memories they get to make. While it took some time to find the right curriculum for her family, they have been using the BookShark curriculum for four years now and it has been the best decision for her family throughout their homeschooling journey. Sarah is passionate about encouraging parents in their homeschooling and family life. She loves showing families that homeschooling can be done anytime, anywhere, and on any budget!
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    Janna Koch
    After using BookShark's curriculum with her three daughters for several years, she joined their team as a convention representative, helping homeschoolers choose the right programs for their families at in-person events. Now she assists homeschoolers across the world in her new role as a community manager. She loves it when a parent, unsure of their ability to homeschool their child, discovers they more than capable with the right curriculum!