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Instilling a Growth Mindset in Your Homeschool

About This Session

The words you use to encourage your kids can inspire them to greatness or paralyze them with perfectionism. Learn how to structure your homeschool and how to word your praise to foster a growth mindset in your children. When kids know they can work hard and succeed, they have the confidence to try hard things and overcome both learning and life's difficulties.

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Webinar hosting presenter
Founder of Rock Your Homeschool
Amy Milcic helps you make life & learning fun. As a homeschool mom of 5 boys, she knows the value of keeping it simple & positive. Amy loves to share resources, tips, & creative ways to boost homeschooling & enjoy special times with your loved ones. RockYourHomeSchool
Webinar hosting presenter Janna Koch
BookShark Community Manager
After using BookShark curriculum with her three daughters for several years, she joined their team as a convention representative, helping homeschoolers choose the right programs for their families at in-person events. Now she assists homeschoolers across the world in her new role as a community manager. She loves it when a parent, unsure of their ability to homeschool their child, discovers they are more than capable with the right curriculum!