Often as parents when we see a child struggling mathematically, we think, well, they are just "right-brained", or "better at the language arts side of the equation." What if I told you that is not the truth, and if your child is not enjoying mathematics, it is up to us to become parental detectives to figure out what the struggle is, when it began, and how we might correct it? Not every child has to have a love of math, but in order to be successful in high school and college, they do need to have confidence and competence with it. Those are not mutually exclusive - any child can have both.

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Wed, Jun 16, 2021 · 1:00 PM Mountain Time (US & Canada) (GMT -6:00)
Cost: Free
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1615927326-3ae163a9733e6f16 Gretchen Roe
Placement Specialist with Demme Learning
Gretchen Roe has 21+ years of home education experience with her six children, five of whom are now college graduates. With a degree in Psychology and Child Development, she has spent the last 26 years in positions of homeschool advocacy, having a special bond with families of children who have to work harder to learn.

A former business owner, she has served on a variety of nonprofit boards. A Placement Specialist with Demme Learning since 2014, Gretchen loves the outdoors, all things furry, and is in the process of perfecting backyard chicken and heritage pig raising, beekeeping, and gardening skills. In her spare time, she also holds the rank of black belt, first-degree senior, in Taekwondo.