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About This Webinar

In the face of today's uncertainty, it’s more important than ever for real estate professionals to ignite, sustain, and nourish a success mindset. But the traditional, linear metrics and production-based KPIs don’t work for everyone. Instead, you can fine-tune your capacity to execute when you focus on a positive psychological approach. But how do you start and, more importantly, how do you stay consistent?

Join the webinar and kick off seven days of inspiration and support sent directly to your inbox. Sales Manager and Coach Emily Bossert and World Renowned Success and Mindset Coach Melanie Klein will walk you through best practices in creating and sustaining your unwavering success mindset, showing you how to stay grounded, confident, and focused on your personal and professional goals.

  • Get virtual coaching from leaders with over 50 years combined experience.
  • Learn how to infuse your business with an abundance mindset, energy, and action.
  • Develop internal and external alignment for exponential personal and professional success.
  • Hear about the upcoming 90-day Success 2.0 cohort opportunity.
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Laura Monroe
Global Head of Community, Inman
Laura Monroe is a 20 year industry and public relations executive, entrepreneur, and real estate brand strategist. As the Global Head of Community at Inman, Laura currently leads and cultivates a global community network of forward-thinking agents, brokers, tech entrepreneurs and executives--as well as the Inman Brand Ambassador Program, through Inman’s media, publishing, and conference events.
Webinar hosting presenter
Emily Bossert is a highly regarded Sales Manager, Personal Development Coach, meditation teacher, and motivational speaker known for her exceptional ability to empower real estate agents to elevate their businesses and lives. As co-host of The 6amers, an inspirational daily gathering of Compass agents, Emily inspires and supports individuals to achieve their full potential.

With a wealth of experience in the real estate industry, Emily is acutely aware of the importance of creating a thriving lifestyle. By helping her clients identify and overcome limiting beliefs, she guides them towards a more abundant, fulfilling, and nourishing life, both professionally and personally.

Before assuming her current role at Compass Boulder, Emily worked with a top-producing team as a listing agent, director of operations, and coach for agents and staff. She practices Zen meditation and Ashtanga Yoga and is a natural peacemaker.
Emily's philosophy centers on the power of changing daily habits to find greater fulfillment and happiness. Working alongside Emily, you will develop a personalized plan and a clear roadmap to achieve your goals authentically and with ease.
Webinar hosting presenter
Melanie C. Klein, M.A., is a sought-after success + mindset coach working with individuals and teams across the country to align and integrate their personal and professional spheres for increased success and abundance without compromising their joy. She is also a successful writer, speaker, and Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies and has written and/or contributed to over 9 books on empowerment, personal transformation for collective liberation and cultivating resilience.

Combining over two decades of professional and personal work, Melanie integrates her background in mindfulness and embodied wisdom with her academic expertise and advocacy work. In this way, she offers a holistic and unique pathway to personal freedom and prosperity, one that is customized and designed for each individual.
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