Oracle’s next generation HPC architecture with Intel compute instance based on 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, code named "Ice Lake", changes the game for HPC in the Cloud. The new HPC Bare Metal instance delivers performance gains of up to 42% compared to the previous generation HPC instance. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Intel’s 3rd generation processors also offers the flexibility to choose the right combination of cores and memory to suit workloads. The price per core-hour stays the same as the previous HPC instance, across all Oracle Cloud regions. This combination of improved performance and flat pricing translates to faster simulations and big cost savings.

Join Oracle and Intel and learn how customers are increasing performance for HPC workloads across batch processing, video encoding, electronic design automation (EDA), distributed analytics, data science, AI, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Tiffany Trader, HPCwire's Managing Editor will moderate the discussion.

Thursday May 13, 2021, starting at 1:00 PM EDT
Bob Burroughs
Director, Worldwide HPC and AI Technical Solutions Sales, Intel
Bob Burroughs has been with Intel for 30 years. He is responsible for driving Intel’s technical pre-sales for HPC and AI. Previously he drove our company-wide HPC ecosystem enabling efforts and has held leadership positions in Data Center Marketing Operations, Product, Competitive, and Performance Marketing, and OEM Sales. Bob has a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from the University of Delaware.

Kevin Jorissen
Distinguished HPC Cloud Architect with Oracle Cloud
Dr. Jorissen earned his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Antwerp for work on the interaction between light and matter as used in electron microscopy and x-ray spectroscopy for the study of material properties. He worked as a postdoc at the for the study of material properties. He worked as a postdoc at the University of Zurich, EPFL (Lausanne), and the University of Washington (Seattle), where he was an early adopter of scientific computing in the Cloud. He then joined the cloud computing industry, where he helped research institutes and enterprises bring research computing and HPC to the cloud. He partnered with meteorological institutes and weather startups to run the most demanding forecasts on thousands of cores and open access to crucial datasets in the cloud. In his current role, Dr. Jorissen supports Oracle’s HPC customers in pursuing their strategic goals and pushing the art of the possible on Oracle’s HPC cloud platform.
Tiffany Trader
Managing Editor & Editorial Director
With over a decade’s experience covering the HPC space, Tiffany is one of the preeminent voices reporting on advanced scale computing today. Since joining the HPCwire team in 2006, Tiffany has played an essential role in steering editorial strategy, engaging with key audiences, and delivering groundbreaking content when readers need it most. As Managing Editor for HPCwire, Tiffany brings an unmatched wealth of expertise, insights, and editorial prowess based on years of experience covering high performance, cloud, AI, and other advanced computing technologies.

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